I grew up in Orem, Utah with my 3 younger brothers. We enjoyed playing the Pokemon GameBoy games and building Bionicle (Lego robotic action figure style toys). Today, my brothers and I play D&D about once a month and still have lots of fun together.

My family is really great. My wife and I love doing just about everything together. We love to camp, watch shows, play obscure board games, some video games (sometimes we just play different games at the same time haha), and go to church together. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes we’re known as Mormons, but that’s a term that is a bit muddied and can get us confused with other groups). Currently we have 2 kids, one son who’s name is Strider (we’re really hoping he likes The Lord of the Rings), and one daughter named Guinevere!

I’m working on a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Utah Valley University, and as I’ve said on the home page here, I love programming in Rust. I’d say my forte is more in systems programming, but I know a bit of web programming and have made a couple Progressive Web Apps that are in production.


I’m really interested in web assembly technology because it would allow me to use my favorite languages much more directly in a web development setting, and I think that sounds really fun. I’ve found OS dev really interesting as well.

My favorite fantasy author is Brandon Sanderson. He’s managed to link many of his separate series into one massive story that he calls the “Cosmere” and I love theorizing about it and reading everything to do with it.

My current all time favorite game to play is Hollow Knight. I love it because it’s got a really simple way to do things, but the devs took the combat and platforming to it’s limits for the end game challenges. The story is deeper than it seems and way better than you might expect from a Kickstarter game, which makes it even better in my opinion. I connected with the story very deeply, and I was able to learn more about myself because of this game. I look forward to the sequel: Hollow Knight: Silksong

Some runner ups are Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Rocket League. Those games are just a blast to play and deserve to be in anyone’s favorite list. Rocket League has a strange concept at first, but it gets really fun the more you practice at it, and it’s great for building teamwork.